Spiekermann on Government Communication and Form Design


Some interesting thoughts from 7:16 to 9:02 on how governments communicate with their citizens and how designers could fix it.

There is still horrible government communications. If I look at the text forms. They are just as bad as they were forty years ago. And I could make them a hundred times better in two days. But they don’t realize it’s something that people can do. They go to their advertising agencies, and their advertising agencies aren’t interesting in forms. You know, they do big campaigns. And if they came to me, I would do the form, not the campaign. […]

Top five usability myths demolished | Econsultancy


Please do not confuse usability with a luxury, a last minute user test, asking users what they like, something which slows down development or a creativity killer. And don’t get me started on why having a rigorous and systematic approach to usability provides great commercial advantage and should NOT be confused with being academic.