Mobilify Design Game


This exercise can work really well during collaborative design workshops. In this exercise, everyone writes down on Post-it notes the elements that may appear on a certain page. These are then stuck to the wall in order of importance, as if they were appearing linearised on a mobile phone. The resulting discussion may generate some surprising conclusions.

For example, you may realise that navigation is not the most important component on the page. This could follow through to the design, where a skip link at the top of the page links to the navigation in the footer.

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4 ways to prototype faster


When you move to electronic prototyping, there’s a second way to improve your efficiency: use the same electronic tool throughout. I often see design teams start their prototyping effort with tools like Keynote and Balsamiq, move to Photoshop or Fireworks to create prototypes with higher visual fidelity, then turn to Dreamweaver or Flex to add interactivity for final usability testing.