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User Experience Diagrams

The Elements of User Experience (PDF)

Conceptual model of the considerations involved in designing successful user experiences for Web sites. -Jesse James Garrett


User Experience Cycle (PDF)

The user experience is not one simple action -it is an interconnected cycle of attempting to satisfy hopes, dreams, needs, and desires. -Jess McMullin


Designing the User Experience

This poster illustrates the path to more usable products. -Usability Professionals’ Association


User-Centered Design Process (PDF)

Collateral created to communicate the SCM User Experience Group’s design process and how it fits within the PeopleSoft development cycle. – John J. Stickley


The User Experience Cosmos (PDF)

A Cartesian representation of our field. As in ancient maps, this is a rather subjective and personal representation of the territory. -Javier Cañada


The User Experience Workflow

Contains the high level activities (or workflow details) as they would be performed on a new project. -IconMedialab


User Experience Diagram Rationalization

In the spirit of convergence, the user experience diagram rationalization brings together the goals, processes, and disciplines that are responsible for great products. -LukeW


The Experience Cube

These six spectra can be plotted on a diagram in order to place typical interfaces and products and reveal their relationships to each other by these attributes. -Nathan Shedroff


User Experience Curriculum Diagram

Good UX crosses, technical (information and technology), reflective (testing and psychological) stuff, creative (design and emotion), sales (marketing and business) and social network boundaries without even trying. -Tom Smith


Design Process (PDF)
Experience Design Flow (PDF)

Poster sized maps showing the steps and deliverables through the UI/IA/UX project lifecycle. Maps various activities and deliverables against project roles and indicates major milestones. – Erin Malone


Insight-Driven UCD Process

This is a basic process framework for user-centered design in small, fast teams. -Challis Hodge


Dating example for Information Architecture (PDF)

Poster illustrating the stages of IA process (and comparing to dating relationship) – Miyuki Shimbo


Importance of User Experience

A concept map of general usability and user experience concepts. -Experience Dynamics


Interface Design Skill-set Diagram

This diagram has often helped me to explain my role and value proposition as an interface designer and product strategist. -LukeW


Definition of user experience

A tool for brainstorming and defining “goodness” of user experience for a product. – Niko Nyman


A Model for User Experience (PDF)

Despite being a simple diagram, it covers all of the activities carried out by user experience professionals. -Userfocus


Experience Map (PF)

The “Experience Map” is an attempt to illustrate what an “ideal” scenario might look like when planning, architecting and designing an interactive experience. -Logic+Emotion


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