IxDA Frankfurt 2018

IxDA Frankfurt | Dealing with dark interactions


Last month, I joined some great speakers at this year’s first IxDA Frankfurt event, organized by Hendrik Sommerfeldt and Enes Ünal. All photos in this post by Sebastian Fiedler.

The guiding theme for the evening was “Dealing with dark interactions”. Each talk showed a unique perspective on human-machine interactions that are invisible to users. Prof. Andrea Krajewski gave a great keynote speech on how humans interact with intelligent assistants and connected “things”. How People favour expressive, communicative robots over efficient, effective ones was one great example she featured. Jan Korsanke gave an entertaining and thoughtful overview on the impact of AI on creativity and design. After I shared my experience with the design of AI-driven assistants for doctors, Martin Kulik discussed AI from a business perspective and brought up some interesting questions as a trigger for the following discussion.

I took a lot of food for thought back home and look forward to what Enes and Hendrik will come up with next. Here some impressions from the event:

Prof. Andrea Krajewski at IxDA Frankfurt 2018

Prof. Andrea Krajewski (Photo: Sebastian Fiedler)

Jan Korsanke at IxDA Frankfurt 2018

Jan Korsanke (Photo: Sebastian Fiedler)

Johannes Baeck at IxDA Frankfurt 2018

Johannes Baeck (Photo: Sebastian Fiedler)

Martin Kulik at IxDA Frankfurt 2018

Martin Kulik (Photo: Sebastian Fiedler)

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